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The fastest and easiest way to top up your LIME & Digicel phones
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About TopItUp.TV

TopItUp.TV is an online top up service for Digicel and LIME pre-paid mobile phones. It was designed to provide an easy-to-use interface for managing top ups for one or more phones. This makes it ideal for individuals with one phone, or a company with many phones.

Our platform brings new ways of topping up your phone including Text 2 Top-Up, Instant Top Up and Auto Top-Up. We also provide historical reporting as part of every account's feature set. Read below to get a description of all of our features.

Instant Top-Up

Our Instant Top-Up feature allows you to top up a phone in 1 simple step. It is, by far, the fastest way to top up. Login to your account and click the Instant Top-Up button next to the phone you want to top up. Select the amount and click the "Send Top-Up!" button. The top up will be instantly sent to the phone.

Text 2 Top-Up

Our Text 2 Top-Up feature allows you to top up your phone from anywhere, at any time by sending a simple text message. Here's how it works:
  1. Create an account by going to the Sign Up page
  2. Add a phone to your account
  3. Enable Text 2 Top-Up on that phone and select a per-top-up amount and monthly limit
  4. Your phone will receive a text message with a PIN code
  5. Reply to the text message with the PIN to receive an immediate top up of the selected per-top-up amount
  6. Your credit/debit card is charged for each Text 2 Top-Up and top ups sent to the phone will not exceed your set monthly top up limit
This feature gives individuals and companies the control to set monthly limits for their phones and not have to worry about actively topping up each one every time it's needed.

Auto Top-Up

Our Auto Top-Up feature allows you to setup scheduled, recurring top ups for one or more phones. This is a no-hassle feature that allows you to not have to worry about running out of credit.

Service Availability

Our online top up service will be available in the countries listed below. As we roll out the service, a green check will appear next to the country indicating where service is currently available.

    Country Digicel LIME
Anguilla o o
  Antigua & Barbuda    
Barbados o o
  British Virgin Islands    
  Cayman Islands    
Dominica o o
Grenada o o
  St. Kitts & Nevis    
St. Lucia o o
  Trinidad & Tobago  
  Turks & Caicos    
St. Vincent o o

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